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Test Interfaces for Power Systems

Our Solutions

We provide our customers with an interface to interact with IEDs and instrument transformers, enabling efficient secondary injection testing and measuring. Built modularly, a single SecuControl test block mirrors the necessary inputs and outputs of your IED, giving you a simple way to standardize your IED installations. Safety of your technicians and equipment is at the forefront of our philosophy, so finger safe interfaces, prevention of inadvertent tripping, and guaranteed CT shorting are standard on all our solutions.

SecuControl test block and plug solutions ensure all your circuits and IED are automatically and securely isolated and restored in a fail-safe sequence. Pre-wire your SecuControl test plug to a secondary injection test set, and with one single movement, the lock-and-key insertion of the test plug into its matching test block both “makes” and “breaks” appropriate circuits in the proper order to prevent false trips and ensure CTs are safely shorted. Run your IED tests, then pull out the plug, and all circuits are sequentially returned to their normally closed state. No more accidentally opening or improperly closing contacts by hand. With our normally closed design, the only state of rest for your circuits is securely connected. In a matter of seconds, your IED can be properly tested for calibration and operation. Continue on to the next IED with the same configuration, and repeat the process using the same test plug.

SecuControl test interface systems do the brainwork for you: preventing inadvertent trips, maintaining a constant closed circuit across your CTs, and guaranteeing a normally closed connection between your IED and transformers.

Eliminate room for error. Utilize Secondary Injection Testing to maintain dependability and guarantee security. Test efficiently.

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