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Test Interfaces for Power Systems

Drawout Case Test Plug


The DOC Drawout Case Test Plug provides an easy way to measure current and provide test access to GE style drawout case relays and meters.

The DOC features normally-closed internal contacts. Upon insertion into the case, it brings the internal drawout case contacts out for easier access.

Current Measurement Probes serve to redirect current circuits without disturbing them.

Disconnect pins can be used to disable specific contacts and short-circuit currents.

Key Features

  • Finger-safe design
  • Integrated banana jacks for easy test access
  • Disconnect pins serve to block trips and short-circuit CT’s
  • Easy and safe current measurement with SecuControl CT Measurement Probes
  • Keyed against upside-down insertion
  • Color-coded system and device sides
  • Clear labeling for access to the bottom (1-10) and the top positions (11-20) of drawout cases
  • Sturdy carrying cases available (optional)

Principle of Operation

Current Measurement Probes

SecuControl Current Measurement Probes are useful accessories for use with the DOC Test Plug:
  • Loop Measurement Probe allows for safe measurements via clamp-on meters
  • Current Measurement Probe with 10 foot long leads, polarity indication and C-hook connectors for standard meters (must be connected to a measurement device prior to insertion into DOC)
  • Efficient measurements in different kinds of drawout cases without long setup time


3D View

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