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Test Interfaces for Power Systems

SecuControl to Team with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Alexandria, VA - 18 May 2006 - SecuControl Inc. and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. today announced plans to work together in North America and other markets to introduce, assemble, sell, and support the Interface Test System (ITS). "The ITS was designed with the user in mind," said SecuControl owner Hubert Ostmeier. "Our product increases the safety of test engineers and streamlines the testing process.

The technical principle can be applied to various circumstances, in which the accessing of electrical circuits is called for. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. proved a natural partner to apply the ITS to its product line." The ITS consists of a test block and a corresponding test plug. The test block is installed in the electrical panel and the test plug remains with the test set. When the test plug is inserted, circuits are opened and redirected to the test set. On the system side, CT circuits are automatically shorted inside the plug. For the safety of the user, both block and plug are keyed to assure the right method of insertion. Benefits of the ITS include:

  • modular design
  • increased safety with dead front
  • saves space in panel
  • low resistance contacts

SecuControl, Inc. is a growing company based in Alexandria, Virginia, that offers innovative interface solutions for the access of electrical circuits. SecuControl applies its expertise to all areas that call for live, in-circuit electrical testing. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) of Pullman, Washington, serves utilities and industries worldwide through the design, manufacture, supply, and support of products and services for monitoring, control, automation, communication security, and power systemprotection and metering. SEL offers unmatched local technical support, a worldwide, ten-year product warranty, and a commitment to making electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical.


Custom Labeling & Test Block Dust Covers for the Interface Test System

At SecuControl, Inc., we continually push for innovation and improvement in our products. The Interface Test System is the next generation in test switch technology and with the addition of panel covers and custom printed module labels, the customer's ability to specify a completely custom test switch is even greater.

Dust Covers

Our new low profile panel covers keep our flush mounted test blocks dust free and secure while they are not in use. Each cover is made of aluminum, sized to protect any number of modules and painted to match your panel paint specifications.

Custom Labels

Also now available are custom module labels printed at our factory. We can provide these labels with logos, letters, numbers and special characters. Since the ITS is great for mounting vertically we can also provide vertical labeling for easy identification. This new feature will allow our customers to specify intuitive labels without having to create their own to put on the panel.


Production Completed for New ITS Test Plug - Multiple New Features Housed in a Smaller, Easier to Handle Package

Production Completed for New ITS Test Plug - Multiple New Features Housed in a Smaller, Easier to Handle Package


ITS Test Block Modules Now Ring Cable Ready!

The ITS is your interface for relay and meter testing. The system is now ready for ring connectors. Measurements match those of test switch brands retrofit your panel with the ITS!

The ITS makes testing safer and more economical:

  • Modularity allows for your custom made solutions
  • Finger safety guaranteed in block and plug
  • Elimination of accidents in opening and reclosing
  • Optimal conductivity leads the way to today's relays and meters

The proven working principle of the ITS has remained unchanged: Two copper springs held together by pressure springs guarantee superior conductivity during normal operation. When the test plug is inserted, circuits are automatically opened and redirected via the test plug. But now the test block is equipped for ring lugs, making the connection in the panel even safer. Today's relays and meters are becoming more sophisticated, calling for optimal material in auxiliary equipment. The ITS uses high quality conductive materials - silver, copper and brass. The new modular units of the ITS are made to fit the same measurements as FT switches. Thirty contacts can easily fit a 19 inch rack, achieving the usual setup of 10-10-10. No new cutouts in the metalwork necessary - you can retrofit with the ITS.


David Blair Presents Paper on Testing at NETA Conference

David Blair, Purdue alumnus and president of BHP Energy Solutions of Munroe Falls, OH, presented a paper at the NETA conference in San Antonio March 2004, reevaluating the roads we take in testing relays and meters. Download technical paper