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Test Interfaces for Power Systems

New SAX Product Brochure

Reduce wiring time by up to 25% and use less panel space with Secu Access. Secu Access (SAX) combines the accessibility of a test block with the variability of a terminal. It mounts on flat surfaces or on DIN-rail. Read more about Secu Access in the new product brochure, now available in our downloads section.


The SecuControl Family of Products - An Overview

SecuControl's family of products is continuously growing. On October 21-23, the new FTL switch will be presented for the first time at WPRC.

On this occasion, we are providing an overview of our product lines in the download area. SecuControl offers a broad range of testing solutions for electric power, including:

  • ITS Interface Test System
  • IPS for VDE Standard Applications
  • SAX Secu Access
  • RELOG Mechanical Contactors
  • CTX Disconnect Terminal
  • FTL Low Resistance Switch


Secu Access (SAX) - Combining Terminal Block and Test Interface

SecuControl proudly presents Secu Access, a new terminal block with integrated test access point. Secu Access (SAX) mounts on DIN-rail or with screws, making it exceptionally versatile.

Secu Access performs both functions of a terminal block and switch, and therefore reduces wiring and panel space needs. Application areas include relay testing, meter testing and current measurement. The modular terminal block attaches to many wire terminal types (ring / spade / solid wire). Just insert a testplug into the access point and start testing! Like the Interface Test System, SAX features a finger-safe front and keyed entry system. Current shorting testplugs provide additional user safety. With an internal resistance of only ca. 2mO, SAX is an ideal solution for the use with highly sensitive microprocessor relays. The SAX product brochure is available in our download section.


2007 Western Protective Relay Conference Shows Increased Interest in ITS

At this year's WPRC Western Protective Relay Conference, SecuControl has demonstrated it's close cooperation with SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories). The further enhanced ITS system is patented in the United States now and experiences considerably increased customer demand.

Our current reading suggestions: - SecuControl, A Comparison between IEC and ANSI Type Test Switches: - David Blair - Test Blocks, Plugs, and Probes - or When the Dynamo meets the Integrated Circuit


New ITS Test Case for the Storage, Protection and Portability of Multiple ITS Test Plugs

Order by November 15th 2006 for promotional pricing and delivery in December 2006.

ITS Test Case Includes:

  • Three 19 Pole Test Plugs
  • Three 14 Pole Test Plugs
  • One 7 Pole Test Plug


The SecuControl Test Case was developed to provide our customers with a solution for easy transport and storage of their test plugs and test accessories. The Test Case measures ca. 52 x 44 x 25 cm (ca. 20.5" x 17.3" x 9.84"), which is about the same size as the cases used to transport relay test sets. It is large enough to house an array of test equipment but small enough to easily store and maneuver in a substation. The case can be equipped with wheels for an additional cost. For this introductory offer we are providing the case with 3 x 19 pole test plugs, 3 x 14 pole test plugs, 1 x 7 pole test plugs and 1 additional two cutouts for other accessories (view picture above). All of the test plugs can be in any arrangement specified by the customer. Order by November 15th 2006 to be included in this promotional offer. SecuControl will bundle orders and deliver in December 2006.

Features & Benefits

One Case for All Test Hardware Store & transport multiple test plugs and accessories in one test case. The SecuControl Test Case helps to insure that all pieces are accounted for when testing begins & ends and protects all hardware from the elements. Save Money In calculating the price for our promotional offer we have applied a discount to the total list price of included Test Plugs. Custom Foam Inserts Coming soon we will offer custom foam inserts based on customer specifications.