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Test Interfaces for Power Systems

Meet the Father of a VDE Standard

This year’s VDE conference on protection and automation in Ulm in June 2010 was a splendid occasion to learn the latest technology. But we also were happy to meet good friends. One of the guests in the Secucontrol booth was Walter Schossig, veteran of the Thuringia chapter of the VDE. Mr. Schossig was instrumental in designing and implementing the VDE standard for using test interfaces that has made testing so much more reliable. Mr. Schossig has published a renowned textbook on protection and is currently working on a series of articles featured in PAC World Magazine on the history of the electrical industry.

To view the VDE standard, please go to: VDE > Prüfstecksysteme für Schutzeinrichtungen
More on Walter Schossig at:
Read Walter Schossig’s articles at:


Improved Online Configuration Tool Released

SecuControl has released a new and improved online configuration tool for all test interface products.

While existing standard configurations are described in detail in the reference documentation that can be found in the download area of each product line, the goal of the new online configurator is to allow for fast and easy configuration of customized models. The tool lets you define circuit types, customize label colors and text, select product options, see and download an image of your test block/plug, and submit a price inquiry.

The configuration tool can be accessed from a link at the bottom of each of the test interface product pages (FTL, FTS/FTP, ITS/STP and SAX/PAX), underneath of "downloads" in the English and Portuguese language areas.


New SecuControl Subsidiary in Brazil

SecuControl has established a new Brazilian subsidiary company: SecuControl Ltda. The company is located in Florianopolis, capital of Brazil's federal state of Santa Catarina.

"Florianopolis is a great business location for us", says Hubert Ostmeier, owner of SecuControl. "It is close to major centers of Brazil's electrical industry. The region has traditional cultural bonds to Germany. Finally, Florianopolis has a very good university with an electrical engineering department." SecuControl Ltda. will focus its activities on the sale of the Interface Test System and other SecuControl products in the Brazilian and other South American markets.

SecuControl Ltda.
Rua Delminda Silveira, 855
88025-500 Florianópolis
Santa Catarina Brazi

Phone: (+55) 48-3223 5872
Fax: (+55) 48-3223 5872


How To Order SecuControl Material Through SEL

We know that our customers have a variety of demands when it comes to their purchasing process. For a number of our customers it may be easier to order our material through a bigger source, e.g. for large projects.

This is why SEL and SecuControl continue to offer the proven reliability of our test blocks and plugs through the SEL network as one ordering option.

To order SecuControl material through SEL, please register on the website for the "mySEL" product information service.

Then search for the MOT's (model option tables) describing SEL material. You can find the MOT's under Products / Product Configuration (MOT) or directly at this link: In the 4600-section (4601 to 4620) you will find a description of the SecuControl material supported through the SEL system. Please select the configuration that fits your needs and use the SEL MOT number to place your order with SEL. With requests for other configurations or technical support, please address the SEL application engineer of your choice or contact SecuControl directly.


SecuControl Introduces FTL Switch at WPRC

At this year's Western Protective Relay Conference, SecuControl introduces the new FTL product line.

FTL offers better insulation and lower resistance than standard FT-style switches at a competitive price. FTL fits standard FT switch size cutouts. It is the perfect solution to retrofitting any FT installation with all the advantages of the 21st century. FTL is used in all areas where FT switches are used, e.g. for calibrating and testing of relays or meters. The FTL also allows safe current and voltage measurement. The FTL product brochure is available in our download section.